Conservation and Reasearch

Skegness Aquarium actively participates in and promotes stewardship of the natural environment as part of our mission of conservation. Our efforts combine scientific research and animal rescue, rehabilitation and release programs that give needed support to animals in distress or imminent danger, and ecosystems that are faced with both natural and man-made threats. These efforts include managing and learning about our own, Lincolnshire coastline, with a dedicated programme of events incorporating our interactive wet lab experiences and form the basis of our educational visits in Skegness Aquarium.

Here at the aquarium, we continuously contribute to field studies, both assessing and advancing the health of our local ecosystems, while helping to educate the publicc on the critical conservation issues facing our local and international marine life, through workshops, exhibits and interactive experiences within the aquarium.

We also work to implement important breeding programmes and observational studies of those animals and fish within our care, documenting and reporting the results where appropriate and using our data to create informative workshops for our educational visits.

Some of the specific activities that we do include:

  • Carrying out regular beach cleans to help make our beaches more attractive and remove potential health risks to our local marine life
  • Holding interactive talks informing visitors of issues such as marine pollution, shark finning etc
  • Holding educational visits in Skegness aquarium and workshops on many subjects including coral bleaching
  • Have various information boards throughout our attraction informing visitors
  • Supporting and raising money for marine conservation society, seahorse charity and other marine charities


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